The TRX, or total body resistance exercise, is a training system that has become very popular within the past five years. The system itself is light weight and compact making it a very useful tool for our professional trainers on the go. Our trainers will find the most ideal place to suspended the TRX trainer to maximize use and safety. The TRX trainer will be secured to an anchor on a beam or ceiling and in some cases from a secure door. TRX will transform your body weight into a leverage system allowing you to build strength by fighting against gravity. This training method is best used in conjunction with high intensity interval workouts since only body weight is being used. Your trainer will coach you how to engage your whole core during most exercises utilizing the TRX system.

The cardio component of the TRX system will vary from client to client and can range from simple body-weight squats and pull-ups to very intense plyometric exercises.