I wanted to create a small intimate setting for a few of my friends and myself. I wanted to train with my friends without interruption in a clean and friendly environment. I also wanted to train with good equipment, not bent bars with collars that are about to fall off on somebody’s head. I also wanted to train the Snatch and other Olympic Lifts that would require bumper plates to allow the every once in awhile dropping of the weight. Is this too much to ask from a Global Gym? Well the answer is yes, and that is why I had to create my own studio. I invite you to train at my private garage gym located in Oro Valley. With just over 500 square feet of climate controlled space Studio 401 creates a comfortable and private studio. Studio 401 is equipped with top of the line Rogue Fitness equipment and utilizes Wodify for our group and individual classes. Studio 401 isn’t crowded with weight or cardio machines, we specialize in strength and conditioning, functional movement, and high intensity interval training all of which you can’t obtain at your local Global Gym. The equipment that we do have is maintained, clean, and safe. We carry Rogue’s Bella Bar that is specifically designed for women, York’s Rippetoe raw steel bar, and a few other bars that will blow any other bar in your local gym away! Kettlebells, dumbbells and medicine balls often make it into our routine as well. If you want to add in some cardio you can hop on the C2 Rower, Air-Dyne Bike, bust out some double-unders or even take a jog around the block with the Catalina Mountains in the backdrop.

Our space may be small but it is fully functional! Be sure to give us a try, you’ll notice very quickly that our equipment, staff, and training methods are second to none.