“Failing to plan is planning to fail.” -Alan Lakein

Having a workout plan designed specifically for you and your goals will allow you to make the most of your time and efforts. When you choose online coaching you will be supplied a program designed by a professional, your program will be specialized to fit only you and your goals. Your coach will take into account frequency and duration of your physical activity, your rate of perceived exertion dependant on a periodized regime, load, and volume. Each of our programs are 12 weeks in length and includes strength and cardio, we also offer additional coaching that includes mobility and a diet template. You will be checking in with your coach weekly to ensure you are sticking to your plan. If you have an upcoming competition allow 12 weeks to train for your event. Our coaches will design your program in a way that will allow your performance to peak at your event.

How It Works

  • STEP ONE: Fill out our Online Coaching Form
  • STEP TWO: A fitness professional will contact you within 24 hours to go over your fitness goals and field any questions or concerns you may have.
  • STEP THREE: You need to complete a self assessment or if you prefer you can schedule a session with your coach, if you’re local, and they can take you thru an initial assessment. The initial assessment will include body measurements, weight, photo, and body composition. You will also be instructed to do a few sub-maximal strength and cardiovascular tests that will improve your program’s accuracy.
  • STEP FOUR: Your coach will design a fitness program that is tailored to you and your fitness goals. Your program will be sent to you weekly via email.
  • STEP FIVE: Follow your program and note any exercise that is too hard/easy and follow up with your coach. Note that your program will fluctuate in intensity, you will have very easy weeks (active rest), followed by medium and very hard weeks. Make sure you know what week you’re in.
  • STEP SIX: You will need to perform a self exit assessment, or If you prefer, you can schedule a sessions with your coach and they will take you thru an exit assessment to track your results.
  • STEP SEVEN: Go again or try a different program, your choice just let your coach know what your next goal is!