The kettlebell is a great tool in developing athletic performance. Stringing together simple to complex movements will bring explosive strength and endurance into one powerful movement. Start with simple kettlebell squats and advance to complex Turkish get ups!

Kettlebell training is also an excellent way to train unilateral movement, which can lead to an increase in body awareness, flexibility, improve muscular imbalances and add core strength.

Why choose kettlebells over conventional dumbbells or barbells? There are things you are able to do with kettlebells that you just are not able to do with conventional equipment. When grabbing a kettlebell the first thing you will notice is that your had is free to move in any plane it wants, you are not locked into a barbell style (supinated or pronated) grip. You will also notice the smooth finish making it easier for you to handle during Russian Swings or other swinging movements, knurling on other equipment would make any swinging movement a real nightmare. The kettlebell is also more compact making it easier to swing through the correct movement. If you were to try this with a dumbbell it would be awkward and hard to do the correct swinging motion, and you may even hit yourself a few times.